Sunday 29 April 2007

Ankle Deep in the Garden

Broome has two seasons - "The Wet" from October until April and "The Dry" - April until October. We were told that the worst time of the year to be in Broome is during the Wet, as the humidity is so high with temperatures reaching up into the upper thirties.

I pictured driving rain every day. An umbrella in my handbag an absolute necessity... Imagine my surprise when we had just two rainy days our first month here.
Then Cyclone George starting developing off the West Australian coast, followed closely by Cyclone Jacob. Fortunately they both passed us by only to devastate the communities South of us in Port Hedland. We were lucky and just received strong winds and heavy rainfall.

The dog was most surprised at the development of a swimming hole in his playground but by the afternoon it had all dried up again!


The Angry Medic said...

AWWWWW...that pic of the bemused dog was SO CUTE. What a cutesy-wootsy ickle doggy-woggy! Who's the cute doggy huh? Whozzacutesywootsydoggywoggy!!

(Ahem. Whatever I just typed is not, uh, representative of me in any way. I"m really, um, macho and manly in real life. Really.)

Found my way here through your comment on Type B Medicine. Your comment on the NHS anti-smoking campaign made me laugh out loud :)

Amanzi Down Under said...

Yup! He is gorgeous.
I think my next post will have to be dedicated to Duzi. He's managed to make an appearance in most of my blogs :)