Monday 28 May 2007

I fought bravely against Foxtel.....but...

When we first moved to Broome we didn't have a TV.
It was nice.
We would have deep meaningful conversations over dinner, really listen to each other. We were experiencing the Honeymoon period all over again.

All that changed one fateful morning on our way to church. Hubby spotted an advert for a Garage Sale. Now he comes from a long line of Garage Sale Freaks. His uncle Down South, actually scours the papers every week for Garage Sales and is frequently found to be muttering "I can't believe they're throwing this away. Once I hunt down the three hundred essential missing pieces I'm certain I can fix this..." or "An inflatable dartboard! I can definitely use this." My Father-in-Law travels to Sweden every year for "Loppis" (Swedish garage sales and second hand junk stores). He of course also spends time with his son and grandson too, but he's not fooling anyone, we know he's there mainly for the "Fantastic Bargains"......

Anyway, so we picked up a TV and surround sound system which of course was the end of conversation around the dinner table. Until I sneakily went off and bought a Hard Drive/DVD player/recorder. Now all shows during dinner get recorded to be watched on our own time.
I must admit that most of my soap operas are on during dinner time (Desperate Housewives, Lost and Grey's Anatomy. I found myself defending my addiction to Grey's Anatomy by saying that I watch it for the surgery scenes...which is kind of like a guy saying he reads 'Playboy' for the articles!)

Of course now that we had a TV, surround sound and a DVD player, Hubby started pushing for Foxtel. My argument that we didn't need 900 channels when we barely watch the 5 channels we already have held him at bay for a couple of months.... Until two South African rugby teams were in the semi-finals for the Super-14 tournament and both won. This was a first ever - two South African teams head to head in an international tournament. The argument was won. The application for Foxtel was made on the Monday and the dish installed by Thursday.

Rugby fans everywhere will testify that it was an amazing match. I was busy doing the Dance of Joy in the 80th minute when my team (the Natal Sharks) had basically won. The commentator then uttered the fateful words "Only a converted try now could take victory away from them" Guess what? In the 81st minute the Blue Bulls scored a try and converted it to win the Super-14.... I' m consoling myself by saying that it's not as much a loss for the Sharks as it is a win for South African Rugby!

And to prove me right the Springboks thumped England 58 - 10 in the Summer Tour. It's looking to be a good year for South African Rugby


Bongi said...

my bloed is blou!!!!!!

Bongi said...

just for the record, i hate any kind of shopping, except for meat.

gray's anatomy???? even better than the real thing? NOT!!!

Amanzi Down Under said...

I must reiterate, the Bulls win was not so much a win for Pretoria as it was a win for South African Rugby.... That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I should also clarify about Grey's Anatomy - I'm not Wowed by the surgery, just amazed at the enormous Ego's of the Surgeons

Bongi said...

enormous??? huh!!! i bet mine's bigger!!

Mia Taverner said...

Switch to 'house'!

eastcoastlife said...

Yup, there goes the long, cosy dinner talks.

In Singapore, our cable TV has only 62 channels but I hardly watch the free channels which broadast good programmes too!